Tuesday, May 29, 2007

5 Albums you love, this very second!

1. The Bravery - The sun and the moon

Loving this album right now!!! especially the song Bad Sun, feel good music all round. good follow up the their debut album, which if you haven't heard before, do yourself a favour. they also have a pretty unique sound,
which is difficult to describe, it's kinda i dare say; Franz Ferdinandish - but better! 8.5/10

2. Grinderman - Grinderman (feat. Nick Cave)

Aaahh, yes the strange disturbed genius of Nick Cave combined with the inst
rumental backing of the group Grinderman. Don't know allot about them, but this creation/accident is something that just works. it's almost if they're all old friends and just started f*cking around in a studio one day and someone pressed record by accident. you'll know what i mean when you listen to the song Honey Bee. Mr Knight will back me up here, they were smoking some strong shit!!! also, cool mental green monkey on cover ;) 9/10

3. Kings of Leon - Because of the times

Their best album up to date! anyone already a fan won't be disappointed. everything just sounds better and deeper than before. intelligent
lyrics with interesting and sometimes unconventional topics i.e. Knocked Up. Favourite song has to be Fans - you can't not feel inspired when listening to this song. Black Thumbnail and Ragoo is also right up there. also a band sounding different than the rest of the BS out there. Kinda folk rock but without the barn and hay. 9/10

4. The Dandy Warhols - Thirteen tales of urban bohemia

yes, i know it's an old album, but it still f*cking kicks ass! someone once described it as the album you put on your ipod when cruising through the office when you wanna feel cooler than everyone else, and that's exactly what it is!!! cheeky, cocky, full of laid-back yet suck-it attitude. Horse Pills and Cool Scene are what I'm talking about. Solid is more chirpy and whacked, Get Off is continuing somewhere along the same line b
ut a bit more radio-friendly. this modern physicadellic 60's revival band is an ideal soundtrack for the everyday rat race. 9/10

5. The Mad Caddies - Keep it going

Ska punk band, which wants to make you, stand up and start jumping up and down with one foot slightly in the air and slightly stretched out in front of you - you know; they way all those ska lead singers do it on stage? anyway, think locally The Rudimentals and you get the idea. all round awesome album, listen to Pyramid Scheme, Reflections and Without You, to start bouncing and State of Mind and Souls for Sale when your foot gets sore and you need a break. 8.5/10

Let me know what you think...

Mr. Murphy

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